How to Register and Use Gravatar on WordPress - Page 2 - Configuring Gravatar Settings



Click on the Add a new image item to add your photos to your Gravatar account.

You have a choice of four options:

  • Upload new: Upload new image from your computer
  • From URL: If your photo has been uploaded on the internet and you have the URL of the photo, you can select this option.
  • Past uploads: Select one of the photos you have uploaded
  • From Webcam: You can take a picture from Webcam on your computer (if any) and set it as your Avatar

After choosing the photo for Avatar, you will see:

You need to extend the frame to display all of the Avatar (Item 1) » Click on the Crop and Finish the to complete the process of cropping.

Click the item rated G to finish configuring avatar settings. And this is the result:

Avatar displayed in your WordPress admin page:

Avatar appears when you comment on a Website that supports Gravatar:



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