Article 9.1 - Change Your Theme Using Appearance Tool

Change your theme using Appearance Tool

You know how to publish posts, pages, use and manage media files. However, your theme is very simple. You need to make it beautiful right now by using the Appearance tool in the Wordpress administrator page.


In the WordPress admin page, you choose Appearance tool:

How to use wordpress – appearance tool

 I. Themes: manage, add new, change, customize Wordpress theme

 II. Customize: Customize Wordpress theme you are using 

 III. Widgets: Features supplied by WordPress

 IV. Menus: create and manage menus

 V. Header: change options in the header of the website.

 VI. Editor: edit source code of Wordpress

In this article, I'll talk about the Part I. Themes. The primary theme is a theme that you've activated, and you're using on your website.

I. Themes


How to use wordpress – themes function

1. Add New: adding new theme

2. Search installed themes: Seeking installed themes

3. Active: Notice that the theme is the primary theme.

3.1- Customize: customizing the primary theme

4. Installed themes manager

4.1- Activate: activating this theme to the major theme on your website

4.2- Live Preview: preview how will your site look like if you activate this theme to the major theme.

1. Add new: installing a new theme

  • When you choose Add New function, you'll see:

How to use wordpress – add a new best free wordpress themes

a. Search: searching themes on the administrator page. You know the name of the theme. You type the name of the theme, enter Search

b. Feature Filter

You can use filters to search themes by tick checkboxes, too > Enter Find Themes

Colors - filter themes that have primary color:

  • Black 
  • Green 
  • ....

Columns - filter themes by quantity column

  • One Column 
  • Two Column
  • ...

Layout - filter the theme by layouts

  • Fixed Layout - Content size, header size, and sidebars size are fixed, and they couldn't be changed.

How to use wordpress – what does fixed layout mean

  • Fluid Layout - content size, header size and sidebars size can increase or decrease that depend on the screen resolution

How to use wordpress – what does fluid layout mean

  • Responsive Layout - Diagram showing the layout to suit each device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc).

You can filter some other topics as Features, Subject.


  • You need a theme that has primary color is black; it has three columns and responsive layout »  You tick checkboxes Black, Three Columns, Responsive Layout

How to use wordpress – what does responsive layout mean

  • Choose Find Themes to start filter themes.

Then, you move to the Search Results tab that displays results.

  •  At Search Results tab, in Search textbox displays: black, three-columnsresponsive-layout that correspond checked items Black, Three ColumnsResponsive Layout


  • There are three buttons (Install, Preview, Details) that are below each theme that you've searched above.
    • Install Now: set up this theme in the theme library.
    • Preview: preview how will your website look like if you activate this theme to the major theme.
    • Details: detail information about this theme.

b. Upload


  • You go to the web that introduces beautiful and elegant themes. You like Ebuy theme, one of free WordPress theme using in this example.
  • You download file that contains the theme package installer to your computer.
  • You choose an Upload tab to upload from your computer to the website.

How to use wordpress – filter best free wordpress themes

  • Click Choose File, choose package that you want to install. 

How to use wordpress – upload best free wordpress themes

  • Click Open or double click to package.

How to use wordpress – choose one of best free wordpress themes

  • Enter Install Now button to start installing the Ebuy theme.

How to use wordpress – choose one of best free wordpress themes

You've successfully installed. You have three options:

  • Live Preview: preview how will your website look like if you activate this theme to the major theme.
  • Activate: set the Ebuy theme as the primary theme for your site.
  • Return to the themes page: go to the theme manager.

c. Featured: display featured themes

d. Newest: display latest themes

e. Recently Updated: display recently updated themes.

How to use wordpress – start installing wordpress theme free

  • You can install Wordpress theme free by click Install Now. Choose Preview to preview how will your website look like if you activate this theme to the primary theme, choose Details to view the detail information about the theme.

4. Installed Themes Manager

  • Click Appearance »  Themes or Return to Themes page (after you've successfully installed the theme), you will go to the theme manager that manage all installed themes in your theme library.

How to use wordpress - display recently updated themes

  • The Ebuy theme appeared in the theme manager. In the picture above, you see Active: Twenty Thirteen, it means your main theme is Twenty Thirteen theme. Choose Customize to customize the Twenty Thirteen theme.
  • If you want to set Ebuy theme to the major theme, you choose Activate button in Ebuy sample below.  Choose Theme Details to view details about the Ebuy theme.

Next, we're going to read Customize function.


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