Article 8: How to Create and Manage Page using Page Tool

Pages and posts have many same functions. However, pages are different from posts. So, how are they different? 


Now, we will view an example:

You have a hotel, and you want to introduce about your hotel on your website.

1. You can publish a post like an image above

  • When you published the post that introduces your hotel, at the homepage, it will display hotel information in the list of posts by default:

How to use wordpress – display hotel information

  • In published posts list on the home page, the post includes a hotel's image, title and short introduce about the hotel. When you click Read more, you can view the details of the article.
  • On the home page, it will show posts list of new posts to older posts by default. The post is in row 2 on the list because it published from 2013. The newest post created from April 2014. So, it's on top of the list.
  • But, if you add many posts to the list in 2014, the post will go away from the top list. And when someone views your website, first, they want to know that how many rooms are in your hotel, they're good or not. But it's difficult to search hotel information and the information is not at the top, it could be in a 100th position or 200th position in the list. It should appear in distinct areas, and visitors can be searched it easily.
  •  Of course, you can fix the problem by ticking the Stick this post to the front page item when you create new or edit an article »  Click Publish/Update button.

How to use wordpress – choose Stick this post to the front page


  • With this option, although you add more and more posts, the post that introduces your hotel will be on the top list.

  • Oh, this way is interminable. You can select the other way which is more straightforward. You create a new menu item as About us. Then, you focus the item to the post that introduces your hotel. Viewers click on the link, and they can read all about your hotel information.

  • In this case, when your valuable information need give visitors directly. You can't provide this important information, in a long list on the homepage and try to keep it on top. You need to create a new page to introduce your hotel.

2. Creating a new page that presents your hotel

  • In the administrator, you click Pages tool. It contains two functions:

 1. All Pages function: Manage all pages on your website (like way that manages posts in Article 6.1)

 2. Add New: create a new page

  • When you click the Add New function, you'll see:
  • You need to notice of 6 areas (numbered from 1 to 6):

1. Enter title here: adding your page title

2. Add media: adding media file

3. Drafting the page

4. Publish: Publishing post option

6. Featured Image: set featured image in the page

  • Feature 1 - 4 and feature 6 have the same features in Add New Post item, and you can read in Article 6.1
  • Feature 5. The Page Attributes function is different. In editors of Add New Post function, you need to choose Categories and Tags that contain that post. But when you draft a page, you need to notice of page attribute.


  • You want to create Tourism page. It contains four pages as Hawai Tourism, Viet Nam tourism, Euro tourism, Asea tourism (call subpage) and their structure:

At Page Attributes item:

 You create a new page as Tourism. Because it makes mention of a general topic, you choose  (no parent)  at Parent field.

 Continue, you create a new subpage as Hawai Tourism. Because it's a small topic which contains in Tourism topic (you choose Tourism at Parent item.

 Similarly, you create Viet Nam tourism, Euro tourism, Asea tourism. So, you have sub pages with the structure above.

 Note: Order item is used for arranging the displaying order of the subpages in the menu above. Oder value is lower; the subpage is more near top menu. 

 Example: When you create new subpages with Order values: Hawai Tourism: Oder=1 ,Viet Nam Tourism: Order=2, Euro Tourism:  Order=3, Asea Tourism: Order=4 and the page lists will be displayed like the picture above.


You change Order value of Hawai Tourism to 6. Its position will be changed to a undermost position in the menu: Viet Name Tourism, Euro Tourism, Asea Tourism, Hawai Tourism. 



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