Article 7: Manage Media File using Media Tool in WordPress

Wordpress tutorial - Manage media file using Media tool

In Article 6.2.1, I introduced detail about insert media files, when you used  Add Media function in Editor of Posts tool. These added media files were in Media Library. Now, we are going to figure out how to manage media files that uploaded from your computer to your website.

- In Wordpress administrator page, you choose Media tool:

 How to use wordpress – choose Media tool in Wordpress administrator page

The Media tool includes two functions:

I. Library: save media files that uploaded from computer to the website.

II. Add New: insert new media files by uploading files from the computer.

I. Library

When you choose Media » Library, it will display Media Library. In Media Library, you need to notice ten areas (numbered from 1 to 10):

How to use wordpress – display Media Library

1. All (28): you have 28 media files in your library at this time.

2. Images (17): have 17 image files.

3. Audio (2): have two audio files.

4. Video (5): have five video files

5. Unattached (15): you have 15 unattached files (files were unattached in any post or files used in deleted post.

The example about media files have an unattached status:

  • "Image 1" image has just uploaded from your computer »  This image will be saved to media library with the unattached status.
  • "Image 2" image used to "Beautiful Images" post, but "Beautiful Images" post was deleted. So, "Image 2" image's status is unattached, too.
  • Click All link to view all media files in your library.
  • Click Images to view all image files.
  • Click Audio to see all audio files.
  • Click Video to view all video files.
  • Click Unattached to see all files that were not inserted into any post or files used in deleted post.

6. Search

How to use wordpress – Search Media files

  • Enter file name or a phrase of a file name that you need to search, click Search Media to start searching media file by name.

7. Filter

How to use wordpress – Filter Media files

  • Choose Show All Dates > Click Filter; it will display all files in default.
  • Exam. If you click Show All Dates, enter April 2014 (in Show All Dates list box), it will display all media files that insert into the library on April 2014.
  • Note. In Search Media text box, you enter a file name as "Example 1", and you choose April 2014 in Show All Dates, you can click Search Media button or Filter button, you have the same result. You have all files that added in April 2014 and the file names contain a phrase "Example 1".

 8. Pagination


How to use wordpress – Pagination


If the list of the media library is so long, Wordpress will paginate your list automatically. 


9. Display area

- The field shows detail information about media files in the library.

 How to use wordpress – Display area Media files


10. Bulk Action 

How to use wordpress – Bulk actions


  • When you click All, Image, Video, Audio, doesn't choose Unattached, display only Delete Permanently action (delete many files at the same time) in theBulk Action list box.
  • You check files that you want to delete > Choose Delete Permanently > Apply.
  • This action will delete these files at the same time.


How to use wordpress – Bulk actions


  • When you choose Unattached, it will display Attach to a post in the Bulk Actions list box. You tick off to media files that you need to attach, select Attach to a post, click Apply, you will see a post list:


How to use wordpress – Attach to a post


You choose a post »  Enter Select. So, you've attached successfully.

Note. You've attached files to the post, but when you view the post, you don't see any image that you've attached. Where are they?

For example, if you attach files as "media_1" that attached to "Example Article 2". Suppose permalink to "Example Article 2" is http://..../example-article-2, "media_1" image is in permalink http://.../example-article-2/media_1


11. Edit/Delete Permanently/View/Attach


How to use wordpress - Edit, Delete Permanently, View, Attach Media files

 When you focus to a media file in list, display functions as Edit, Delete Permanently, View, Attach (with the unattached files).

  • Edit: editing the media file.
  • Delete Permanently: deleting the media file.
  • View: see the media file on your website.
  • Attach: attach media files to a post by click Attach » Tick the post that you need to attach files »  Enter Select.

II. Add NewUpload new media files from your computer


How to use wordpress – Upload new media files


- Click Media > Choose Add New; you'll see a window as in the image above.

- Drag/drop files that you need to upload from your computer to the rectangular area.

- Or you click Select Files > Choose uploaded files > Enter Open.

So, you upload files successfully. And these files are in Media > Library.




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