Article 6.2.2: Detail about Publishing Post by Add New Function of Posts Tools

Wordpress tutorial about detail about publishing post by Add New function of Posts tools

In the post Article 6.2.1: Detail about publishing post by Add New function of Posts tools, you will learn 4 of 9 areas that you need to note when you use the Add New Post tool. We will continue learning from the area 5.

I.5. Item 5: Publish

 publish-new-post2  update-edited-post2
 Display Save Draft button to save the post that you’re drafting.  Do not show Save Draft button because the post has been published on your website.
 Enter Preview to preview the post that you’ve drafting  Enter Preview Changes button to preview post after you make changes on this post.
 Do not display Revisions item  Display Revision item – Count the number of times that you make and save changes to this post.
 Display Publish button  Display Update button
 Do not show Revisions item  Display Revision item – Count the number of times that you make and save changes to this post.

When you add or edit a post, the Publish area displays:

I.5.1. Status

Contains status: Published, Pending Review, Draft.

I.5.2. Visibility

Include status: Public (display this post for everyone); Password Protected (only show this post for someone who has password of this post); Private (nobody can view this post, except you).

a. Option 1

You select Status: Published | Visibility: Public | Enter Publish or Update button, your post will display for all people.

b. Option 2

You select Status: Published | Visibility: Password Protect – enter password is “12345” | Enter Publish or Update button. This post will only display for visitors who know the password, they will type the password. Then, enter Submit button to view the content of this post.

c. Option 3

You select Status: Published | Visibility: Private | Click on Publish or Update button. Only you can see this post on your website.

I.6. Format

With posts have the different formats, they will be displayed in various ways. It depends on your main theme which you’re using for your website.

For example, if you set the theme Twenty Thirteen, you will have ten formats: Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, Status, Audio, Chat.

With the theme Twenty Fourteen, there are only eight formats (do not contain Status and Chat format). The theme Twenty Fifteen has ten formats. However, these formats were not separated between colors as the theme Twenty Thirteen. They were separated between small icons which are below the post title.

When you click on the icon, you will see all posts which have the same format.

I.7. Categories

Select categories which contain that post ( Please read more at: Manage and add new categories and tags in WordPress )

I.8. Tags

Enter the tags that relate to that post.

I.9. Featured Image: Select a featured image for that post.

In this next post, we will learn how to manage media on WordPress.


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