Article 6.2.1: Detail about Publishing Post by Add New Function of Posts Tools

Wordpress tutorial about detail about publishing post by Add New function of Posts tools part 1

In the previous post, you knew how to manage, edit/delete posts with All Posts function of Posts tool. Now, you will learn how to add and publish a new post using Add New feature.

First, you need to login to the admin page; select Posts » enter Add New button to start adding a new post on WordPress. You need to note nine areas below:

I.1. Item 1
Enter title here: Enter post title
I.2. Item 2: Permalink
After entering the post title, WordPress will automatically generate a link to this post in Permalink. As default, the link has type: your_domain_name/category/?p=... In this example, I enter title Example post. The link is automatically generated localhost/wordpress/?p=72. This link is not good for SEO.
To change the type of permalink, you click on Change Permalinks button.

After display Permalink Settings screen (image below), you tick off Post name and enter Save Changes button. Now, if you type a title  Example post, WordPress will automatically generate a link http://localhost/wordpress/example-post as in the example.

You click on Edit button to manually edit this permalink. Enter View Post button to preview post before publishing this post.

I.3. Item 3: Add Media

Add media like video, audio, image, file, etc into a post.

I.4. Item 4: Editor

The editor is an area to draft your post. It splits into two items:

  • Visual editor
  • Text editor

I.4.1. Visual Editor

» Read more about Visual Editor

I.4.2. Text Editor

In this text editor, you can see and edit the source code of a post. Example: If you want to embed a youtube video, you need to paste the embed code into the text editor,etc.

» To be continued...


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