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Article 5: Using Dashboard tool in the administrator page

Dashboard Control Panel supplies general infos about your web: number of published posts, number of comments, number of pages,… It links to important items as customize website, change your themes, manage posts and pages… Now, we’ll learn how to use DashBoard Control Panel


When you choose Dashboard on the left menu:

As you see, Dashboard contains 2 Items: Home and Updates. When you click to DashBoard, you’ll go to the Home item (as default).

I. Home

At Home screen, I splited this screen to 6 areas that you need to take note:

  • 1. Screen Option & Help
  • 2. Welcome to WordPress
  • 3. At a Glance
  • 4. Quick Draft
  • 5. Activity
  • 6. WordPress News

1. Screen Option and Help

a. Screen Option

You want to hide one of 6 areas above (At a Glance, Activity, Quick Draft,…), you click on Screen Options button, uncheck the area you want to hide.

b. Help

Support and guide you through the use of Wordpress

2. Wellcome to WordPress

a. Get Started

When you click on Customize Your Site button, you will be guided to the Customize function (Appearance » Customize ).

When you click on “Change your theme completely” link, you’ll go to Appearance tool on WordPress Admin Areas.

b. Next Steps

Click on “Write your first blog post” link to focus Add New function (Posts » Add New) to add new post.

Click on “Add an about page” link to focus Add New Page function (Pages » Add New).

Click on “View your site” link to view your homepage.

c. More action 

Click on “Widgets” link to focus to Widgets function (Appearance » Widgets)

Click on “Menus” link to focus to Menus function (Appearance » Menus)

Click on “Turn comments on or off” link to turn on/off comment function on your WordPress site.

3. At a Glance

You need to note 4 items: 2 Posts, 2 Pages, 4 Comments và Twenty Fourteen

a. 2 Posts

Show number of posts which you’ve created. Click on this link to go to Posts » All Posts to manage all of your articles on your site.

b. 2 Pages

Show number of pages which you’ve created. Click on this link to go to Pages » All Posts to manage all of your articles on your site.

c. 4 Comments

Show number of comments. Click on this link to go to Comments tool to manage all comments on your website.

d. WordPress 4.1.1 running Twenty Fourteen theme

In this notice, you know that you are using WordPress version 4.1.1 and your main theme is Twenty Fourteen. Click on “Twenty Fourteen” link, you’ll go to Appearance » Themes to manage (edit, add new, active) WordPress themes on your website.

4. Quick Draft

Quick Draft is a mini editor. You enter title, content, then click on Save Draft button to quickly create a new post. This post will be stored in Drafts area.

5. Activity

a. Recently Published

Show recently posts that you’ve published on your website

b. Comments

Displaying list of recently comments. When you focus mouse on a comment, you will see 6 status: Approve, Unapprove, Reply, Edit, Spam, Trash.

You enter Approve to approve that comment. If you approved, comment will be displayed on your web. Vice versa, you choose Unapprove. Click on Edit to edit that comment. Enter Spam to mark that comment is spam. Click on Trash to delete that comment and move it to recycle bin.

6. WordPress News

Displaying  new infos from WordPress.

 II. Update

  • Item 1. You click on Updates link to update the latest version of WordPress and the newest plugins.
  • Item 2. Click on “Check Again” button to check the latest version of WordPress.
  • Item 3. Click on “Re-install Now” if you want to reinstall WordPress.
  • Item 4. Download WordPress 4.1.1

  • Item 5. If you want to update plugins, you tick off those plugins
  • Item 6. Then, enter “Update Plugin” button to start updating plugins
  • Item 7. This notice notifies you that your themes are up to date.

You’ve finished learning DashBoard Control Panel. In the next post, we’ll learn how to manage posts in WordPress.

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