Article 4: Using 17 Tools In The Administrator Page

In this post, I will introduce about 17 tools in the WordPress’s administrator page. I’m using WordPress 4.1.1 for this post.


Foremost, you must Login to the administrator page.

1. On the address bar of your Web browser, you enter localhost/website_wordpress/wp-admin 

2.  Enter your username and password. Your admin page appears.

3. And this is a map of the administrator page

I. Map of positions in the vertical menu (numbered from 1 to 6):

  • Position 1. Introducing new functions in the newest version (WordPress 4.1.1) & link to
  • Position 2. Click on this position to view your homepage
  • Position 3. Display number of plugins that need to update and link to the Plugin Manager item.
  • Position  4. Display number of comments on your website now. Click this tool to view the Comment Manager page.
  • Position  5. Display some functions as Add new post, new page, new media and add new user, etc to the vertical menu.
  • Position 6.  Edit your profile, log out of the administrator page.

II. Map of the position in left menu tools (numbered from 7 to 17):

  •  7. Dashboard: Contains some links to the useful functions as customize the website, change the theme, publish posts, view page, view comments that visitors wrote to your website, quick drafting, update newest WordPress, etc.
  •  8. Posts: Manage, edit, add new articles and categories, tags on your website
  •  9. Media: Manage, edit information and add new images and media files to your posts.
  •  10. Pages: Manage, edit page content, add new pages.
  •  11. Comment: Manage comments on your website.
  •  12. Appearance:  Customize theme for your site.
  •  13. Plugins: Adding functions that WordPress doesn’t supply. With this tool, you can install or edit plugins' content.
  •  14. User: Manage account of users, maybe the administrator accounts or registered accounts, etc.
  •  15. Tools: Wordpress uses Press this function by clicking and holding the left mouse on Press this icon. Drag it and drop to the bookmarks bar. This feature helps you to create a post quịckly, supply you with some functions as a blogger, blogroll, etc.
  •  16. Settings: Change the core configuration of your website, change your page title, change format of permalink, etc.
  •  17. Collapse menu: Using Collapse Menu to hide texts, only display icons.



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