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How to register and use Gravatar on WordPress

You have a WordPress website and your account uses Avatar that looks like this   or when you comment on a website, your Avatar also appears so simple. And you want to replace this symbol by the Avatar which is more exciting and bring your own style? Gravatar can help you do that.
In the previous post “Add and publish a new post using Add New function on WordPress Admin Area”, you learnt about Categories and Tags. In this post, we will examine in more detail about Categories and Tags.

How to display empty categories in WordPress

We use Categories Widget to display a list of categories on your Website. However, by default, WordPress will display the categories have posts. With the empty categories which don't have any posts, they will not be displayed in the Categories Widget. So, what do you need to do if you want to add the empty categories to the Categories Widget? This article will show you how to do this now.
In Article 9.1, you've got that how to add new, install themes, manage installed themes in your Wordpress website. You've chosen a relevant theme that corresponds with your website content. Now, we're going to view details about the Customize function.
You know how to publish posts, pages, use and manage media files. However, your theme is very simple. You need to make it beautiful right now by using the Appearance tool in the Wordpress administrator page.