10 Best Free Wordpress Themes from SM Themes

You know how to change your theme and customize it. Now, you need a beautiful theme for your site. And I'll introduce 10 best free Wordpress themes from SM Themes - one of the biggest supplier Wordpress themes.

You can view Demo/Download by click on the links/the images below.

1. Glass

The Glass theme makes a strong impression on you with modern design, young, glass effect and the colors are mixed so perfectly. It's one of the most beautiful themes of the SM Themes.

Giao diện Glass đẹp lung linh với hiệu ứng Gương, hiện đại và trẻ trung

2. Savanna


Use blue- yellow tone as the main colors for your site. The yellow tone is used for a header page. The slide is designed nicely and it’s especially. One of the interesting points about the theme is the images of the posts. It’s designed to look like you see outside through one circle glass window. You’ll see a sunglass when you focus on the images.

Giao diện Savana của SMThemes

3. Queen


 Your first impression is beautiful, elegant. Make you a strong impression from Logo, Slide style and on page title. It’s beautiful enough to make you love it.



The Queen Wordpress theme of SM Themes

4.  Woman Club


The header of the page uses the images that have a classic style, from the Homepage button, font displays on the menu, page title, and the way shows date and time so individual. The post divides into three parts:

  • Post title and the intro image
  • Content
  • Date and time, category, comment and read more button




The Woman Club themes of SM Themes for Wordpress

5. Creativity




Use Black and White style, use Yellow is an individual point that uses the logo, search icon, the lines that split the posts, slide. The slide is so especially with many colorful images on the Slide.

The Creativity theme of SMThemes for Wordpress

6. Retro Press


       Get the retro style, from design, logo, menu, slide’s images, background, etc. This logo is striking, but that’s difficult to design your site to correspond with this style. However, it’s still a beautiful theme.

The RetroPress theme of SMtheme for Wordpress


7. Music Space



Use the sharp tones as black, blue, purple, pink with a modern and especial style.

The Music Space Wordpress themes of SMThemes




8. Karolina


Between the modern style and the classical style. The theme uses the major tone is black. The images of the Slide are designed with Black and White style, too.

The Karolina Wordpress theme for SMThemes



9. Metro Blog



If you like the Metro Style of Windows 8, you’ll like it, too.


10. Hip hop


With a black tone as a primary color, the Hip Hop theme gets an energetic style and individual style. Do you want to a music web page? The theme corresponds completely.

The HipHop theme for Wordpress


PS: These themes is supplied from SM Themes. They have the same functions: 

  • Use SMT Framework 2.0
  • Dynamic content loader
  • Custom slide bars
  • Google Maps Shortcode
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Widgets Ready, etc.

If you want to customize these themes, I’ll talk about it in the Article 9.2 (customize Metro Blog). If you want more details about functions, I’ll discuss in the next article



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