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Best premium WordPress themes for coupon website

You're starting to perform a website providing coupon codes, and you're looking for a suitable  WordPress theme with your website. This article will introduce beautiful features and consistent themes, with coupon website you designate to install. Now, we’re going to find out and choose the best theme that you need.


1. Clipper

The Clipper theme is offered by Appthemes.com. It is very consistent with coupon website, use  a responsive layout that helps the website display well on all devices.

You can select one of five styles with the primary colors: green, blue, gray, orange, red.

You can offer the coupon codes in the displaying format below:

As you can see, the layout of Clipper consists of three principal components:

  • Offers info about coupon code and displays coupon code.
  • Statistics of the hits of the day, share this coupon on social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit), comment and report a problem about this coupon (invalid coupon, expired coupon, offensive content, invalid link, spam, other)
  • Show percent use coupon code succeeds based on the quantity of votes from people who used the coupon code.

With printable coupons, the theme has a bit different:

In the code, instead of appearing coupon code, you can see the "Print Coupon" word. Users can click on it to view and print the printable coupon. You can offer image of printable coupon to the user in cases stores require the use of printable coupon.

With the coupon code has expired, the content of the coupon code will be dimmed and display notices that this coupon code has expired.

You can classify coupon codes for each store and each category to help users’s easy to search.

View demo of the Clipper theme:

2. Couponer

Is a beautiful and modern theme which is offered by Themeforest.net, Couponer is also very suitable for the deal and coupon websites.

Show coupons and deals by featured, popular, daily offers, latest coupons:

You can offer coupons according each shop, or category. With each store, coupons will be displayed:

Coupons in each category will be arranged and displayed in a different style than the coupon displayed in each shop:

Utilize the unique icons with each category:

You can also offer a search tool for based on the fields (Categories, Shops or Type)

View demo of the Couponer theme:

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