How to Use NextGen Gallery Plugin to Create a WordPress Photo Gallery

You demand to create photo galleries and present them on your website. You can produce the photo galleries by using posts features in WordPress. More professional, you can use the Plugin which supports you add the photo gallery. And the NextGen Gallery is one of the powerful plugins to assist you to create professional galleries. 


Foremost, you need to log into the WordPress admin page. Next, you select the Plugins tool which locates in the left menu, choose Add New, enter the Search textbox with content NextGen gallery, select Search Plugin.



You will see the plugin NextGen Gallery locates at the top of the search results list. Select Install Now to install NextGen Gallery. Click Active to activate the plugin. After successfully activated the NextGen plugin, you will see the Gallery tool which appears in the left menu with the main features:

  • Overview - General info
  • Add Gallery / Images - Add new collections, photographs
  • Manage Galleries - Manage your collection
  • Manage Albums - Album Management
  • Manage Tags
  • Gallery Settings - The settings for photo gallery
  • Other Options - Other settings
  • Upgrade to Pro - Upgrade to the PRO version.


Select the Gallery tool, click the Add Gallery / Images to add new collections and add new photos to your gallery. You have two ways to add images to your gallery.


By default, WordPress selected the Upload Images item to assist you create a photograph gallery and upload the selected file to the newly created library by selecting Create a new gallery content from the Gallery list and enter the gallery’s name. 

Click Add Files button to add image files to the gallery. Continue to click the Upload button to upload the picture to the Web site. Finish the above steps; you have successfully made a photo gallery called “GALLERY 1”.



In case you have successfully produced the photo gallery “GALLERY 1”. You want to add to your gallery; you choose “GALLERY 1” in the Gallery list. Then click Add Files, select the images you want to add » Click the Start Upload button to begin uploading photos to the “GALLERY 1”





In case you desire to add all the images in a folder which belongs to the WP-Content folder ( the and  addWP-Content folder is in the htdocsfolder of the site) to the gallery, you can use the Import Folder function.

Note: Foremost, you need to make a new folder named “GALand add the images to the folder on your computer. Then upload that folder to the WP-Content folder which locates in the root directory of the website. Then you can use the Import Folder function for that folder.



As the picture, you select the folder “gallery-1” (already uploaded to your website in the step above). Click Import... button to create a new gallery. Gallery will use the folder name as the name of this gallery. In this example, because the folder is “gallery-1”, the gallery’s name will be “gallery 1”.


After you create and add photos to the gallery, you select Manage Galleries function to view the gallery has been set up and the images used in this gallery.



As you can see, the “GALLERY 1 collection is created in the step above appeared on the list. You can add a new collection by selecting Add New Gallery. You can make changes to all the images in the chosen collection by ticking off that collection, then select Bulk Actions. The Bulk Actions list contains the contents:

  • Delete: Delete the selected collections
  • Set watermark: Install Water Mark for the selected collections
  • Create new thumbnails: create new thumbnail images
  • Images Resize: Resize all the pictures held in the selected collections
  • Import Metadata: Add metadata to all images in the selected collections.
  • Recover From Backup: Restore collection from a backup              


You have successfully created a collection called “GALLERY 1”. Now it's time to place the collection on site. You can follow either of the two ways below:


Click to the ” GALLERY 1” to view images in ” GALLERY 1” and begin editing these pictures. 


At the top, you will find general info for the “GALLERY 1”. Click the Add Page button to create a new page with page title:  “GALLERY 1”. Click on the Main Page list; you will see the page “GALLERY 1” on the list. Now, your photo collection was published successfully to the page “GALLERY 1”.



If in case you still haven’t seen the page “GALLERY 1” appears on the menu of your site, you can select the Appearance> press Menus. In the Pages area, you check off the page “GALLERY 1”, click Add To Menu. Click Save Menu to complete the procedure of adding a new page “GALLERY 1” to the menu of the Website.

3.B - METHOD 2

You can create a new page, and then embed gallery on the page by:

Choose the Pages tool on the left menu of the admin page, click Add New. In the page title, enter the name “GALLERY 1”. You embed code below into the page’s content: [nggallery id=1]


Note: When a gallery was created, it will generate a corresponding ID code. In the example, the ID of “GALLERY 1” is 1. You can see info on each photo collection’s ID in the Manage Galleries above (ID column beside GALLERY column). Or in the editor, you can snap on the NextGen icon  , select Manage Albums tab and take the ID of galleries. With an ID value of a gallery is 2, the code above will be converted to: [gallery id = 2].


You were able to embed the photo gallery on your website. However, if you want to display the images with the same size, you can select the Gallery tool on the left menu of the admin page, click Manage Galleries. Then you double-click the collection you want to see the images contain in that collection. You will see a list of them.


  • Step 1: Check off the images which need to be converted to the same size.
  • Step 2: Choose the Resize Images feature to alter the size of the selected image in Step 1
  • Step 3: Click Apply to display the Resize Images window
  • Step 4: Fill the picture size you require to alter. By default, the image will be 800 x 600 px in size after the modification.
  • Step 5: Click OK to finish the process of resizing the selected image in the gallery.

Note: You can enter the information in the Alt tag, Title Text/Description and Tags help search engines read the content that photographs mentioned. NextGen provides lots of customization. This post only refers to the basic way to create and display a photo gallery on your website.



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