Performance Profiler Evaluate The Impact of Plugins to The WordPress Website Speed

You examine your website runs much slower than in the past, and you find ways to improve site speed. You will need to know the reason why your site is going sluggish. And one of the reasons may occur of the plugins that you have set up on the site. For example, you have got a giant Plugin Library on your site. So, how can you ascertain out the Plugin that makes the website significantly slow down?

Performance Profiler can help you do that. Performance Profiler is a plugin which supports for WordPress. It scans time that Plugins size when your site loads.

1. Accessing your address

2. Click the Download Version 1.5.0 button. You will receive the file format: You log in to the WordPress website administrator »  Select Plugins »  Select Add New


3. Select Upload tab »  Select Choose File »  Select the file that you downloaded above »  Click Install to begin the installation process the Plugin.

4. Click the Activate Plugin to activate the Plugin Performance Profiler.

5. There are two ways to run Performance Profiler Plugin:

  • Option 1: Click Plugins>Select Installed Plugins (to see the plugin installed) >At the P3 plugin (Plugin Performance Profiler) position, click Scan Now to begin scanning all current plugins which running on the website.
  •  Option 2: Press to select Tool> Select P3 Plugin Profiler

Employ one of two ways; you will see the P3 plugin interface.

6. Click Start Scan> Select Auto Scan to start the scanning process automatically. After the scan is complete, select View Results.

 Before broaching to the review results, you switch to the Advanced Metrics Tab to view detailed statistics about website load time:


On the picture, you can see Performance Profiler returns the results:

+ Total Plugin = 12: meaning that your Website is running 12 Plugins at present (already activated).

+ Plugin Load Time = 0557: time to load all the plugin is 0.557 seconds

+ Plugin Impact = 127.33% : Plugin load time occupies about 127.3% compared with site load time. See full details about site load time and plugin load time in the Advanced Metrics tab:

  • Site Load Time = 0.4378 seconds, meaning that the load time of a webpage is 0.4378 seconds
  • Plugin Load Time = 0.5572 seconds means that the loading time is 0.5572 seconds
  • Plugin load time exceed the page load time is: (0.5572 / 0.4378) * 100 ~ 127,3%.

+ MySQL Queries = 55: There are 55 database queries in the page loading process. 7.

Right away, you can make a motion to the Runtime By Plugin tab to see the results displayed as a pie chart:


Look visually chart; we can see:

  • There are 3 Plugins occupy many time downloading website. Established on the color that writes in the Legend, we can recognize that these three plugins are the NextGen Gallery (picture gallery), P3 (Performance Profiler Plugin), Smart YouTube (support to embed YouTube video into the site).
  •  To recognize the exact percentage of time that Plugin occupied, you move your mouse to the division of the graph.

 On the picture above, while move mouse to the area which indicates the Nextgen Plugin, you can see this plugin occupied 33% website load time (corresponds to 0.184 seconds) with 35% the loading time of P3 Plugin (0.1955 seconds) and Smart YouTube (16%, 0.0875 seconds).


  • Using the Performance Profiler, you can detect time-consuming three plugins occupied most load time, and one of them is P3 Plugin.
  • Especially with the P3 plugin, after finding out the plugins and conduct remedies, you require removing the P3 plugin from your site.


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