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How to install a plugin in WordPress

You don’t know how to install a plugin for WordPress. This article will steer you to set up the plugin - extended features for WordPress on your site. You can apply one of the two setting methods: 
You demand to create photo galleries and present them along your website. You can produce the photo galleries by using posts features in WordPress. More professional, you can use the Plugin which supports you add the photo gallery. And the NextGen Gallery is one of the powerful plugin to assist you create professional galleries. 
Your site contains a set of photos. If you desire to apply a clear image in the article, which implies you hold to use images with big size and high quality. If you apply some software to reduce the image capacity, the picture will be obscured. It's really annoying for display your content.
You examine your website runs much slower than in the past and you find ways to improve website speed. You will need to find out the reason why your site is going sluggish. And one of the reasons may be occur of the plugins that you have set up on the site. For example, you’ve a giant Plugin Library on your site. So, how can you ascertain out the Plugin that makes the website significantly slow down?