How to Create a Facebook App for Your Website

You want to use a plugin on WordPress or an extension on Joomla asks you to enter the Facebook App ID and Facebook Secret. This post will show you how to create a Facebook App and enable the app to your Website.



You go to the address: If you do not register a Facebook developer account, you need to register an account before creating a Facebook App by clicking on Register as a Developer and accept the terms & conditions of their policy.

Next, you need to confirm your account by filling out your phone number (item 1). In the Get Confirmation Code item, you select Send as Text (item 2) to receive a confirmation code via SMS. Facebook will send a message containing a confirmation code of 6 digits to your phone. You enter the code in the Confirmation Code item (item 3). Then click the Register button to complete the process of registration.

After you successfully registered, you will see the screen Add a New App » Click on the Website icon


You can quickly create a Facebook App by filling out the Facebook App Name you want to create, clicking on the Create New Facebook App ID button.

Choose a category in the Category list box, enter the Create App ID button to finish creating the app.

After you had created your app successfully, you will see the Facebook App Name that you set up in the My Apps menu item (item 1). Click on the app, App ID (item 2) and App Secret (item 3) will be displayed. Because the App Secret was encoded, you need to click on the Show button (item 4) and enter your Facebook password to show the App Secret. However, you still can't the Facebook App if the status light (item 5) is turned off.

To activate the Facebook App, you need to select Settings (item 1), enter the domain names can use App in App Domains (item 2), fill out Contact Email (item 3). Click the +Add Platform button (item 4), select Website (item 5) » Enter Site URL (item 6) and Mobile Site URL (item 7). Click on Save Changes (item 8).

Next, you switch to the menu item Status & Review (item 1), change status from "NO" to "YES" (item 2) to activate the app and you can use this app to your Website.

After created and activated the Facebook App, you will get the Facebook App ID and App Secret to use the application extension. 



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