How to Embed Youtube Subscribe Button in WordPress

Using Youtube to promote and increase traffic to your website is a very good idea. You share valued videos on your Youtube channel and persuade viewers to update the latest news about the video you uploaded by clicking the Youtube Subscribe button on Youtube. To increase the number of followers on your Youtube, you can embed Youtube Subscribe button in the article, on the Sidebar, or any location you want.



First, you will go to the address: . You scroll to Configure a button to start configuring the Youtube subscribe button.

You need to enter the Channel Name or ID (item 1). You change the values in the Layout list box, Theme, and Subscriber count to alter the interface of the Youtube Subscribe button. You will preview the changes of the button in the Preview area (item 2). You need to copy and paste the code in the Code field (item 3) into the location where you want to embed the Youtube Subscribe button on your website.

Note: If you do not know the channel name or ID, you can go to the address If you do not log in, you proceed to log on to your Youtube account. Then you will see the ID in the Youtube Chanel ID item as shown below.



If you want to insert the Youtube Subscribe button to the Sidebar, select Appearance » Widgets (item 1). You add the Widget Text to the Sidebar and paste the code you copied in step above into item 2. Click Save to save the changes.

And here is the result:


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