Quick Install WordPress on Localhost using Instant WordPress Software

Instant WordPress is a WordPress version which is installed on computers running the Windows operating system( compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). Instant WordPress can help you learn, test and develop WordPress website quickly and easily.

Step 1: Download Instant WordPress software at http://www.instantwp.com/download/

You click on the “Download Instant WordPress 4.4.2″ button to download the Instant WordPress software.

Step 2: After download successfully, you’ll get the “InstantWP_4.4.2.exe” file. Double-click the downloaded installer and begin the process of installing the Instant WordPress software.

By default, the Instant WordPress software locates in the destination folder is “C: \ Users \ MyPC \ Downloads” as shown. If you want to install the software into another folder, you click on Browse (item 1) to select another folder (you can choose the USB drive to install Instant WordPress and run WordPress from USB). Continue to click on the Install button (item 2) to start the installation.

You wait a minute until the installation complete as shown. Click the Close button to close the setting window. You’ve successfully installed the Instant WordPress. Let’s see how to access WordPress site on localhost.

Step 3: Go to the installation folder which is set up in Step 2 to launch the software. If you do not change the installation directory, open the Downloads folder, click on the “InstantWP.exe” file to launch the application.


Step 4: After running the Instant WordPress software, you will see the window:

You click on the “Copy WordPress URL to Clipboard” button to copy the address “ “. Next, paste the address into the address bar of your Web browser to access the front page.

  • WordPress Frontpage: You can also get quick access to the front page of WordPress by clicking on this button.
  • WordPress Admin: Click here to go to the administration page of WordPress Website. You use the username “admin” and password is “password” to login the admin page.

  • Plugins Folder: Open the plugins folder at the path “… \ wordpress \ wp-content \ plugins”
  • Themes Folder: Open the themes folder at the path “… \ wordpress \ wp-content \ themes”
  • MySQL Admin: Go to the phpMyAdmin page. You use the username “root” and a blank password to log into phpMyAdmin.

So you’ve successfully installed WordPress website quickly using the Instant WordPress software. Thank you for reading!


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