How to Add an Audio File and Insert a Music Playlist into WordPress Post

You can upload an image, create a new gallery and add them to WordPress post. You can upload a video and add a video playlist, too. Similarly, you can upload an audio file and create a music playlist on WordPress post.


First, you need to login to the WordPress administrator page. Enter Posts » Select Add New (Item 1) to start adding a new post to WordPress.

Then, you click on Add Media button to start uploading audio files to WordPress post.

There are two methods of uploading audio files.

- Method 1: You can click the left mouse button on the audio file which you want to upload (click Ctrl + the left mouse button to select multiple audio files). Then, you drag that audio file(those audio files) by holding the left mouse button and drop that audio file (those audio files) into the Upload Files Tab.

- Method 2: you can click on Select Files button » Click the left mouse button on an audio file or click Ctrl+ the left mouse button to select multiple audio files that you want to upload (Item 1)» Enter Open (Item 2) to open audio files. Those audio files will be uploaded to WordPress.

After uploading audio files, you will see the Media Library  Tab.

1. Add an audio file to WordPress post

In the Media Library Tab (Item 1), you tick off the audio file (Item 2) » Click on Insert into post button (Item 3) to add it to the post.

And this is the result of adding an audio file to WordPress post:

2. Create a music playlist for WordPress post

You click on Create Audio Playlist (Item 1) » Select audio files that you want to add to your music playlist (Item 2)» Enter Create a new playlist button (Item 3).

Enter Insert audio playlist button (Item 1) to add a music playlist into a post. If you want to remove any audio file out of the list, you click on the (x) icon of that audio file (Item 2). And this is the result of adding a music playlist into WordPress post:


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