Quick Install WordPress Website on Hostgator Hosting

After you’ve registered successfully the domain name and Hostgator hosting (View details in the article "How to register a domain name and hosting for your website"), you can call for the support of Hostgator help you install WordPress Website. But if you desire to establish your site, you can quickly install WordPress using the QuickInstall application.



1. You log into the administrator page of Hostgator hosting by typing in the browser’s address bar: https://gatorxxxx.hostgator.com:xxxx.

2. Enter your username and password (Hostgator has sent this info in your email) to log into the admin page of Hostgator hosting.


3. You choose the QuickInstall application in the Software / Services.

4. You click WordPress in the Blog Software section and then click Continue.

5. You fill out the data before beginning to install WordPress for your Website.

  • http://vandon.com.vn: You choose  the domain  name you  want to  install  WordPress on the HTTP:// list (For example, I selected the vandon.com.vn domain). Note: If you don’t want to install  WordPress on the vandon.com.vn domain, but want to install Joomla on a  subdomain of  the vandon.com.vn,  you create  a travel directory  in  the vandon.com.vn folder by entering in http: // with the content http://vandon.com.vn/travel
  • Enable  Auto  Upgrades: Mark this item to choose automatic mode to upgrade to the latest WordPress for your Website.
  • Admin Email: Enter your email.
  • Blog title: The title of your website
  • Admin  User: Enter the username you want to apply (this username will be used to log into the Joomla admin page after you've set up).
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name

6. Then, click Install Now to begin the installation process. Wait a minute, when the installation is over, you will be receiving information from QuickInstall application:

  • Admin Area: contains a link to the WordPress admin page. Click on the link http://vandon.com.vn/wp-admin (1) to go straight to the admin page, or you can also enter the link in the web browser’s address you are using. 
  • Username and  Password: display your username and password. QuickInstall automatically generates the password of the administrator page.

7. When the installation process terminated, you can: 

Enter in the address bar of the browser content: "http://vandon.com.vn" to access your Web site 

Click the "http://vandon.com.vn/wp-admin" link to visit the admin page, where you can customize and manage your website.


As you can see, after you successfully install WordPress, QuickInstall will give you a password (for example, the password is "7vLEg747hvyMgyZ"). This password is too long to remember. So you need to conduct an administrative password change. 

1. You log into the admin page by typing in the Web browser’s address bar content http://vandon.com.vn/wp-admin

2. Enter the username and password after you complete the installation process using QuickInstall. Then click Login to log into the admin page. In the admin page, select the Users tool located in the left menu bar, click Your Profile

3. You enter the new password in the New Password and enter the password again in the Repeat New Password. Then, you click Update Profile to complete the procedure of modifying the admin password. 


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