Article 3: How to Install WordPress

You installed the virtual server use XAMPP and create your new database MySQL. Now, you'll install your website on Llocalhost.


1. Download installer package (Version 4.1.1) at 

2. Extract file that you downloaded. You have a folder "wordpress-4.1.1".

3. Copy all of the files in the "wordpress-4.1.1" folder.

4. In Step 1: Install XAMPP software on your computer, you set the default XAMPP install folder in D:\xampp. Now, go to path D:\xampp\htdocs, create a new folder "website_wordpress" in the htdocs folder 

5. Paste all files in "wordpress-4.1.1" folder to the website_wordpress folder that you've created

6. Now, you access website_wordpress folder to start installing by typing: localhost/website_wordpress on the address bar of the browser.

7. Enter Continue button

8. Enter Let's go button.

9. Enter the information:


  • Database Name: name of the new database that you've created in Step 2: Create a new database MySQL (in the example is dbwordpress)
  • User Name: MySQL account name (default is root)
  • Password: enter password MySQL account (default is empty)
  • Table Prefix: you create two or many websites on the same database. Website 1 has tables as a user, content,etc. Website 2 has the same table with Website 1 as user, content, etc. 
  • Website 1 with 'web1_' prefix will have tables as web1_user, web1_content, etc. Website 2 with 'web2_' prefix will have tables as web2_user, web2_content,etc.

10. Enter Submit

11. Click Run the Install button

12. Enter the information

  • Site Title: Enter your site title
  • Username: administrator account (set as "admin")
  • Password, twice: enter your administrator password. You need to enter password again (set as "admin")
  • Your email: enter your email

13. Choose Install Wordpress and wait several minutes

14. You installed Wordpress successfully. Now, you log into the administrator page by click Log in button or type directly into the address bar: localhost/website_wordpress/wp-admin

15. Enter your username ("admin" in the example) and password ("admin" in the case) then click Log in

After logged into the administrator page, you can post articles, customize your content website and theme, etc.

14. When guests visit your website, they don't see the WordPress admin page (or called Back End). They only see another page (called Front End).

To view your website how to look like, you type in the browser's address localhost/website_wordpress

You've got a simple site that looks like above. We will change this simple theme to a beautiful theme and easy to customize in next posts.


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