7EC330B5-B132-499A-A307-65040D76AA48 Article 1: Install XAMPP software

Article 1: Install XAMPP software

To set up your Wordpress website on localhost, you need to extend to 3 steps:

Step 1: Install XAMPP software to create a localhost

Step 2: Create a new database MySQL

Step 3: Install Wordpress 

Foremost, we'll install XAMPP software

1. Download XAMPP software at the address:  https://www.apachefriends.org  

2. Run file XAMPP set up that you've downloaded above

3. Enter Next

4. Continue choosing Next. Now, XAMPP will be installed in "xampp" folder with path C:\xampp by default. But, if you save it in disk C (C: is system disk), when you set up a new Windows Operation, XAMPP can't run and you must to install XAMPP again. So, you should move it to another disk. In Select a folder item, I clear the path "C:\xampp" and replace by "D:\xampp":

5. Now, the install folder is moved to D:\xampp. Continue entering Next

8. Enter Next

9. The setup is immediately ready for installing XAMPP. Enter Next. Please wait several minutes... Then, you select Finish to complete this setup.

10. Hence, you installed the XAMPP software successfully. To start Apache and MySQL services on the virtual server, you go to the folder "xampp" in the path "D:\xampp" and click on the xampp-control icon to run XAMPP.

11. After clicking, the XAMPP control panel appears. You enter Start button to start Apache and MySQL services.

Note: If you can't start Apache, you need to find the software that is using Port 80 and stop it. If you are using Skype, you need to quit Skype and try again. If you can't start MySQL, you need to check your antivirus software or configure firewall to accept MySQL.

12.Then, state of the Start button changes to the Stop.

14. You've installed the XAMPP software successfully. In the next article, you'll learn to Step 2: Create new database MySQL.


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