Fix Error: “Exceed The Maximum Upload Size For This Site” on Localhost

When you upload any file that has size > 2MB on localhost, you’ll get an error: “Error: Exceed the maximum upload size for this site.” The maximum upload file size is 2MB by default. So, if you want to upload the file to localhost, you need to change this value.

Please view the video above to see the solution.

If you are running XAMPP, you go to the XAMPP Control Panel:

You click on the Config button » Click PHP (php.ini) to open the php.ini file (you can open using Notepad or Notepad ++).

– You find the code in the php.ini file:






And you replace the value as follows:






You’ve increased the maximum upload file size up to 100MB and a maximum execution time of 500 seconds. Now, you need to restart XAMPP software to apply the changes and continue your work.