How to Register a Domain Name and Hosting for Your Own Website - Page 4 - Some problems can happen while you're registering Hostgator's hosting



As soon as your registration is complete, you need to check your registered email above and receive a letter from Hostgator. This email was sent from PayPal. It notifies that you have paid $ 152.39 for PayPal (in case you have to use PayPal to pay for Hostgator).


Continue to check the Inbox, you will receive another email from They send you the account information.

Location 1. -  the login page use to login to billing systems, customer support of Hostgator....

Email: Enter your email which you use to register above. 

Password: PaSsWord18kl (Location 2)

Note: You can just log into this site after Hostgator confirmed your account. 

Location 3. - login to the administration page of Hostgator Hosting.


Username: yourusername (at Location 4

Password: P7gKlorlqP1j (at Location 5

Click Log in to log into the Hosting’s admin page. 

Note: In some cases, Hostgator will ask you to verify personal information and Visa cards. If successful registration at this step, you will be able to log into address. If you log on that mistake, though you entered email and password correctly, it implies that you will necessitate to pass through the verification step Hostgator account.


In some instances, you will get a letter from Hostgator with verification requirements as indicated under:

You need to photograph your driver's license or passport and the front of the Visa card you used for payment with Hostgator (containing the account holder name, card number, expiration date). You can hide the forepart of the card number, retaining just the final 4 digits. For example, your card number is 1234 5678 9876 5432 then you hide the forepart, just sent them the last 4 digits (5432). You mail these photos to them and require them to verify soon.

After having your email, Hostgator will send a response email to you:


Hostgator inform you that they have received your request. And a ticket is created for you in case you want to send a new request to them. On the form, you enter into your browser's address with content: and login using the same login page http: //gbclient.hostgator. com / login (login to Hostgator billing/ support system at Location 1).

After 1-2 days, you will get an email from PayPal (if you use PayPal to pay for Hostgator) with the following contents:

Hostgator refunds your money back into your PayPal account. This implies that the money will be paid into your PayPal account in the following few days. It's a step in the validation steps of Hostgator. Then you will receive email notification of Hostgator  with content:

In this email, Hostgator notice that your account was activated. You can log into Hostgator billing/support system at the address: and make payments to the amount of $ 152.39 for them (in the example, I had to pay them $ 152.39).

But, your PayPal account doesn’t still get money from Hostgator returned to you in the previous step. It may require a few days for the money come back to your PayPal account.

After logging into, you go to the Make a payment and make payments $152.39 for Hostgator:

After payment is complete, you will receive a Paypal’s email notification that you paid $152.39 for Hostgator. Immediately that you have your own domain and a Hostgator’s hosting service.


  • If you take difficulty in the registration process, you can chat directly with the expert help of the Hostgator use Live Chat. 
  • You can get Hostgator’s support to install WordPress or Joomla (or other CMS) in order to deliver a simple Web page before you proceed to change it according to their own Website.





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