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On the  computer,  you  often  use  WinRAR  software  to  compress  the files  to a ZIP and RAR format that have size much smaller than the original file. This will help you send those files easily and speedily. GZIP  Compression  works  similar  to WinRAR  but  not  on  your computer,  which  is  on  the server. GZIP compressed folder that contains the Web pages.


For a more visual look, you will proceed to save a web page by selecting the "Save Page As..."  in Google Chrome browser »  Click Save to finish saving the Web page.

You saved the necessary files to display the web in the browser.  "Vandon.com.vn" web page  will  be  displayed  in  the  browser,  regardless  of  your  computer  with  a  network connector or not by clicking the "Van Don Wordpress Tutorial Joomla Tutorial Viet Nam Travel.htm" file that you simply downloaded.

As you can understand, you take action to save the page, signifying that you download a "Van  Don  Wordpress  Tutorial  Joomla  Tutorial  Viet  Nam Travel.htm"  file  (54.4  KB capacity) and a "Van Don Wordpress Tutorial Joomla Tutorial Viet Nam Travel_files" folder containing images, javascript, css code displayed on the page,...  (with a  capacity of 1,528 KB).  Total  storage capacity  of the page  is calculated by:  54.4  KB  +  1528  KB  = 1582.4 KB.

Usually, if you have not downloaded the page on your computer yet, you will bear to post a  request  to  the  server  to  download  the html file  and  folders containing  such  files  to display web content in the browser.

Conversely,  when  you  load  the  page,  you  simply  click  on  the  htm  file.  The browser  will  arrange  and  use  the  downloaded  files  on  the  computer  to  display  web content.  That's the reason why networking is not demanded, the machine can also view the substance on the "vandon.com.vn" page by clicking the htm file that you simply downloaded.

More  simply,  each  piece  is  a  file  in  the  folder  which  you  downloaded  from  the vandon.com.vn’s web server.  Browsers  that  use  the pieces,  arrange  them into a  complete picture, the web page that you visit.


As the lesson above, if you are not using GZIP, if you want to see content "vandon.com.vn" site,  you enter the address  (vandon.com.vn) into  your browser.  The browser must send requests to the server that required 1 html file and 1 folder contains the files needed to display web content with a full capacity of 1582.4 KB.

When  you  compress  these folders,  capacity  will be only  663  KB,  fell more than  2  times the  capacity.  That is  all  neumay  GZIP  Compression  to compress  use,  1582.4  KB  instead sent to the browser, the server  must send only 1 size smaller than 663 KB to the browser. Browser, extract  and  display  content.  Download size  that  is  smaller than  the display of this  site  will  quickly  hon.Dieu  This  makes  the transmission  more  efficient,  saving time and bandwidth, as well as significantly improve the speed of your website.



If  your  Web  server  is  Apache,  you  open  the  htaccess  file  which  located  in  the  source directory of the server and paste the following code into:

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript

Note: With the Web site using a Windows server, htaccess file can not be applied.  Then this mode cannot be used with Windows hosts.


With the WordPress'S new version, you can log in to the Wordpress admin page.

After  a successful login, the  browser's  address bar, type:  "your_domain_name/wp-admin/options.php". For example,  your domain name is vandon.com.vn,  you  would type in the address bar: "vandon.com.vn / wp-admin / options.php". One time there, you will see:

You  see  Settings  feature  is selected.  But  in fact,  this  configuration  is hidden.  But when you log in using the administrator account and insert the path in the address bar, you can see  All  Settings  page.  Here,  you  can  activate  the  feature  that  Wordpress  gives  your website. 

Roll down, seek the gzipcompression line. By default its value is 0. Altering this value to 1, you will successfully activate GZIP Compression features. 


When  using  GZIP  Compression  testing  tool  (http://checkgzipcompression.com/zip)  for vandon.com.vn site:

As  you see, uncompressed size is 22 533  bytes and 5913 bytes are capacity, which was compressed,  cut  size  and  almost  4  times  the  bandwidth  savings  of  73.8%.  This  will significantly increase the speed of your website.


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