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How to Get Your Facebook Page ID and User ID

You created a Facebook account. You created and activated a new Facebook app, too. Now, you want to get Facebook Page ID or User ID for the purpose of integrating Facebook comments for your WordPress site, etc.
You desire to own a website of your own. And the significant work you need to do first is to purchase a domain name and rent a hosting. You can lease a server (or virtual server VPS) with a high price if you desire to produce an excellent site. And if you are a beginner do a small or a medium Web site, you can use the Shared Hosting with prices running between 5$ and 10$/ month.

Sprite Me - Speed Up Your Website

You use a lot of pictures on your  Website as logo, menu, background images for the header, etc. When users view a page on your site, each image corresponds to one request to web server.  Suppose you  have  50  separate images used on a post, you will send 50 requests to the server. Request more, the load speed of the post is slower. So, how do you reduce the number of requests?
Use the browser's cache is a complex task. There are a few plugins are configured using the browser's cache to speed up web Website. If you set the configuration correctly, it will help you improve your website speed. Conversely, if you perform this technique incorrectly, they will make your site slower instead go faster as original features that the plugin offers.
On the  computer,  you  often  use  WinRAR  software  to  compress  the files  to a ZIP and RAR format that have size much smaller than the original file. This will help you send those files easily and speedily. GZIP  Compression  works  similar  to WinRAR  but  not  on  your computer,  which  is  on  the server. GZIP compressed folder that contains the Web pages.