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How to Add Modules into A Joomla Article

You already knew how to add and show a module to a position on your Joomla site. In this article, I will show you how to insert a module into an article in Joomla 3 clearly and quickly.


1. How to insert a module into a Joomla article

First, to add and show a module into a post, you need to enable the Content - Load Modules plugin by selecting Extensions » Plugin Manager » Click on the Content - Load Modules Plugin. In the Status item, you select the Enabled status to enable the plugin.

In this example, I have two modules are Latest News and Articles Most Read. They belong to the same position with name "position-0". To show these modules into an article, I will load the position "position-0" that contains them in the Joomla Content Editor.

First, you need to add new/ edit an article. In this example, I add a new post with the title "How to add a module into the content of Joomla 3"

In the Joomla Content Editor, you select Tools » Source Code (item 1). You will see the pop-up window Source Code. You type the content:  ( item 2). Then, enter OK (item 3). Choose a category you want to show the article (item 4) » Select Published (item 5) and click on the Save button to finish inserting modules into the position "position-0" into the article.

Note: If you want to show all modules in a position, you need to type the content: 

Now, you will see the content of 2 modules displayed in the article:

2. How to insert a module into the article in Joomla 3 using the module type name

First, you add a new Joomla article. the Joomla Content Editor, select Tools » Source Code, type the content:  .In this case, you only need to know the module type name you want to insert.

Apply the example above with the Latest News module.

The title of this module is: Latest News
The module type name is: mod_articles_latest
To insert this module into an article, you need to select Tools » Source Code to open the source code editor of the post. Then, type the command: 

, click OK to close the window. Note: You need to enable the Content - Load Modules plugin to be able to run this command.

After you had published the article, you will see the Latest News module displayed as shown below: