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Guide you to optimize to speed up your Joomla website quickly and efficaciously - Page 5 - Using JCH-Optimize plugin to speed up your Joomla site



Jch Optimize is one of the best plugins which helps speed up your website. This plugin does many optimization techniques automatically. And your website's speed will be improved significantly.

First, you need to go to:  http://www.jch-optimize.net/downloads.html


You click on the Download button at the Basic column to start downloading the free JCH Optimize Plugin. Currently, the latest JCH Optimize version is 4.0.3. Although the plugin you downloaded is the free version, but it provides the powerful features for speeding up your site. If you want more efficiently, you can pay the $ 5/1 year, a perfect price with what JCH Optimize will give you.

After you have downloaded the free JCH Optimize Plugin, you will see the file "plg_jch_optimize_4.0.3.zip" on your computer, you begin the installation process the JCH Optimize Plugin as follows:

  • Login to your Joomla's admin page.
  • Extensions » Extension Manager.


Select the Choose File button » Click on to the file "plg_jch_optimize_4.0.3.zip" you just downloaded »  Click Upload & Install to begin the installation process. After successful installation, you select Extensions, select Plugin Manager. You type "JCH" in the Search tool to find JCH Optimize plugin.

Double-click on the System-JCH Optimize Plugin to begin configuring this plugin.

In the Plugin tab, you should note some of the following features:

  • Combine CSS Files: Each Joomla site may be designed and used many CSS files during the page loading process. Each CSS file corresponds to a request to the webserver. Many CSS files mean multiple requests to the server. This makes the speed of your site more slowly. Combine CSS File Technique helps you to merge CSS files into 1 CSS file, helps reduce the number of CSS files. Less files, less requests to the server and website run faster. You choose Yes to enable Combine CSS Files.
  • Combine JavaScript Files: Similar to the Combine CSS Files feature, Combine JavaScript Files feature helps you to merge JavaScript files (.js) into 1 JavaScript file. Note: This action can make your website displaying incorrectly. You need to make sure the content presented will not be affected before selecting this feature for your website.
  • GZip JavaScript and CSS: Compress JavaScript and CSS files to reduce the size of the files.
  • Minify CSS: In the designing process, designers often use many CSS files. To easily search and edit the content of CSS files, they must use many characters / * ---- * / and white space. This makes the size of the CSS files can grow significantly. Use the Minify CSS feature to minify and optimize the CSS file size by deleting the notes and spaces. This can help you reduce up 30% the size of CSS files.
  • Minify JavaScript: Similar to the Minify CSS feature, Minify JavaScript helps you reduce the Javascript file size by removing the note which contained within <! ----> and spaces.
  • Minify HTML: Similarly, you can choose the Minify HTML feature to minify and optimize the size of HTML files on your site.
  • Defer JavaScript: In the page loading process, a lot of websites will load the CSS and JavaScript files before downloading content. This will take a long time to display a webpage content to the user. Using Defer JavaScrip feature to defer loading of the unnecessary JavaScript file and display the contents priority before running the unnecessary JavaScript file.

You can activate each feature. Then, use the Page Speed ​​ Insights  and Pingdom tool to examine the effect of changes. Normally, you can activate 6 features above (exclude the Combine JavaScript Files feature). It will help you speed up your site significantly without affecting , significantly speeding your website without affecting the presentation on your website.


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