Joomla Tutorial

Guide You to Optimize to Speed up Your Joomla Website Quickly and Efficaciously

You're configuring and adding content to your Joomla site. First, you see your website run faster. However, after you added more content to your site, it runs more and more slowly. You access to Google Analytics and realize that many visitors exit your website instantly with the average time on site is 0 sec.


The load speed of your Joomla website is one of the reasons. Visitors have not enough patience to read content on your page because it loads very slowly. So, they are out of your site before they could see the content. This problem is terrible because you publish posts, but no one can read them. Thus, what you need to do is to speed up your site. In this post, I will show you how to improve the speed of my website to 230%.

Note: Before optimizing the speed of your site, you need to know the current speed of your site. You will need a tool to measure the speed.


In this example, I used two tools: Pingdom tool and Page Speed Insight to save the speed of the website


Access to the address:, you will see:

You need to take the following steps:

1. Enter the address you desire to test website's speed.

2. Press Test Now to begin measuring your site's speed.

3. After the evaluation finished, you will get the result. You need attention to 3 key values are:

  • Perf. grade = 56/100
  • Load time = 5.71 seconds: it means your web page takes 5.71 seconds to load.
  • Page size = 1.1 MB: it means Web Browsers need to download files with a total size of 1.1 MB to display the web page

We have to increase the Perf. Grade score, reduce page loading time and minimize the size of the page


You can go to the address:

Type the domain name you want to test speed » Click on the Analyze button to start testing the speed of your site.

From this image, we saw:

  • With mobile version, I get a score 37/100 for the webpage
  • With Desktop version, I get a score 47/100 for the webpage

Now, it is the time for us to perform the first change.


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