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How to Embed Youtube Video to Your Website use Joomla 3.2.3

Do you want to embed Youtube Video to your website? You haven't ever done it. Or may be done, but when you copy the embed code to source code in the editor, you can't add Youtube video successfully in Joomla 3.2.3. This video supplies you with a solution to solve problems above.


Alright, you will go step-by-step.

1. Step-1: Copy the YouTube embed code.

  • You go to the website:
  • Choose a video that you want to embed to your website
  • Copy the embed code of this video.

2. Paste your embed code to new article and problem may be appeared.

  • In the administrator page, choose Content > Article Manager > Add New Articles.
  • In Editor, click Tools > Choose Source Code > Paste embed code to Source Code window. If you see a video, you embed Youtube Video successfully.
  • But if you can't see any video in Editor, you ask yourself what's happen?You check again by clicking Tools »  Choose Source Code. If you see in Source Code window is empty or doesn't contain any <iframe/> tags. So, why?

3. Reason and Solution

a. Reason

  •  Because in the Editor, you're using Editor-TinyMCE plugin to edit your articles, and this Editor-TinyMCE plugin is set up to remove <iframe/> tags automatically (an embed code start in <iframe/> tags. So the Editor deleted it). It is the reason that makes you can't add a youtube video.

b. Solution

  • You click Extension »  Choose Plugin Manager »  Enter "editor-tinymce" in Search textbox, then Search »  choose Editor-TinyMCE Plugin. Delete "iframe" text at Prohibited Elements Item » Save.
  • Start adding new article » Click Tools » Source Code » Paste embed code to Source Code.

Oh..., that's great! Your video is embed successfully on your Joomla 3.2.3 website.