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Boutique – Gorgeous Joomla template for Online Clothes Shops

Besides supplying InStyle and StoreFront template, Gavick also introduces some other Joomla template for Shop Online Fashion – Boutique Template. This is a gorgeous Joomla template for Online Clothes Shops with store was built on the Red Shop and Vituemart foundation. These foundations help you create new stores and introduce products quickly. They use best design to help attract the customers to your Website. Today, we’re going to explore impressive features used on this interface. 




Like other fashion interfaces such as In Style or StoreFront, Gavick build impressive slides on the homepage. The topics are arranged around the slide. Each article is displayed on the slide with image and title. An interesting thing is the method which designs to create transition effects between slides eminently. Also, if you don’t desire to slide too close to the topics, you can make spaces between us:

You can also choose either black or white  style for the page top of the website:


You can choose one of two ways to edit the posts:

Develop the content system and present the posts by the default content system of Joomla

Use interesting features and high customization by K2 system. The picture below displays sub-categories which are located in a great category. This introduction is actually beautiful and attracting readers.


As the introduction above, you’ve already known this interface supports 2 methods of building  store based on Red Shop and VitueMart foundation. With Red Shop platform, the list of products will be presented:

You can click on a sub-category to view products in that sub-category:

You click on a product to see detailed data about the product:

If customers like a product, they can take this product to their favorites list by selecting Add to Wishlist. Clients need to log into the site to save their favorite list on your website.

Customers can select Add to Cart to add the products to their shopping cart.

You can view detailed information about the product below. See information on View Manufacturer item. Clients can immediately ask you about the detailed product  info by clicking the Ask Question About Product.

Clients can write reviews on products after they have logged into your Web site.


With Virtue Mart, product category will be shown as follows:


When you select to view a detailed list:

Select a product from the products above to discover detailed info about this product:

In this detailed info, customers can choose colors in the Color list and the product size in the Size list. Customers can also contact you when they click on the Ask a question about this product and assess these products after they logged in.




You need to log into the website before you make the payment. Enter your payment information in the Bill To and delivery address in the Ship To. Check the product information ordering, payment methods and delivery. Enter the required additional the order in the Notes and special requests section. Check up Click here to read terms of service…, click Check Out Now to complete the payment process.


Customers have two choices to login:

  • Use your Facebook account to login.
  • Use a registered account on the website to login

If they don’t have any accounts, customers can sign up for a new account by clicking on the Become a member section and complete the following information:


You have a new product or new posts. You can send them to customers when they sign up to receive newsletter by entering their email in the Sign Up For Newsletter item and click to Submit:

This helps you to maintain the relationship between you and your customers. At the same time, you can also update the news about the product and articles to your customers. This will increase your sales in the future.

You can learn more about the exciting features with the demo of Boutique interface:

Note: You want to download Boutique template or any template of Gavick, you need to register Gavick VIP members first. You can refer to subscribing member and select a suitable package with your needs in the  article Registration Instruction on Gavick account.



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