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Storefront - Online Fashion Shop for Joomla

The storefront is a beautiful template and powerful no less than the InStyle template - fashion shop online template for Joomla. Use impressive slide, beautiful pattern, clear layout and the products are beautifully presented, ... are the highlights of this template. In this article, we are proceeding to view details about the highlights of the StoreFront which is projected for an Online Fashion Shop.




You can see this template via the video below:


1. The first impression when you see this interface is a nice slide with the pictures are loaded first, then the intro emerges from the backside upwards.


2. Menu was designed in two styles: Classic and Overlay with multiple color options:

  • Classic menu style


  • Overlay menu style

3. The best-seller products are introduced in the home page and are classed as follows:

  • Featured: The featured products
  • New: The newest products
  • Hit: The most viewed products
  • Specials: The special products
  • Random: The products are randomly displayed
  • Rated: The products are prized

The best-seller products are introduced at the home page, they are arranged simply by the picture, the name and the price of the products. In addition, this template applies the movement effects when you hover each product. This essence is utilized in all of the pictures used on the interface. 

4. On the home page, you can also post feedback from customers who have purchased the product on your site.

5 Articles in Blog also be displayed on the home page. They are set in 3 columns and used the beautiful effects when you hover to each article:


Blog posts are displayed in one column. However, you can also arrange them on a 2 column:

You can also display the article into three columns:

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The fashion stores for women and for men are designed simply but very elusive. In the picture below, if you choose  the women fashion topic on the Women's item in Menu section, you will find the  subtopics in the main topic as Accessories, Bags & Purses, Hats, 

When you select to view Outerwear & Coats products in the shop, you will find these products are shown as follows:


Page view detailed product information when you click on a product:

When you hover the picture of the product, the photo will be automatically enlarged so that customers can ascertain and evaluate products better. Also the information about the product in the Description and rate product quality in Reviews tab, customer can log in and post a question to you by ticking on the item Ask a question about this product. This can help you communicate and answer inquiries from customers easily.


When users click on a product to your shopping cart by clicking the Add To Cart in the detailed information about that product:

Customers can view detailed information about their account in the My Account section, view the products they selected in the Shopping Cart and payment in the Checkout form.

You can view details about the interesting features in the demo of StoreFront template:

Note: You want to download StoreFront template or any template of Gavick, you need to register Gavick VIP members first. You can refer to subscribing member and select a suitable package with your needs in the  article Registration Instruction on Gavick account.


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