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3 free Joomla templates for web site design

Besides the free WordPress themes, Gavick also gives users the free Joomla templates and many featured functions. You can download these templates free, including: Magazine, Meet Gavern and Free Music. Among them, Magazine and Music Free template were designed with many interesting characteristics. Today, we're starting to find out details on the templates.


The common characteristics of these templates are highly customizable, use responsive layout, and editor feature richness and diversity, variety of colors. You can choose K2 system or Joomla's default content systems to develop your content. Note: To download the free templates, you need to register a general account of Gavick. This registration is quick. You can study more in the article Registration Instructions on Gavick account.

You click on the link to the address,free-Joomla.html to view the free Joomla templates which are provided by Gavick.

You click on a template to view its detail info.


Like the WordPress theme “Magazine”, Magazine template for Joomla also has characteristics:

  • Suitable for news blog
  • Designed 3 columns
  • Use responsive layout
  • A beautifully presented article.

The pace of this template is measured by Pingdom tool with 73/100 points, meaning that template has quite high speed. However, Joomla template Magazine with slower speed than the WordPress theme Magazine (93/100 points). You can learn more in the article Pingdom tool:  Test and evaluate Website speed.


Featured news section is beautifully designed. Use peart effect, you will visit the introductory paragraph of that article when you hover mouse to the article. Quite impressive, actually.


Featured news is presented very attractive. The best feature of this theme is the nice editor tool, highlights and impressive:

1. You can insert warning, info or notice in the article like this example:

2. The icons can be added in the article: 

3. Display the code in the article: 

4. Display ordered and unordered lists:

And a great deal of features can be added to your post.

5. Share posts to social networks quickly: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+


Joomla template Magazine  can be designed and arranged the articles into 2 columns or 3 columns.

1. The contents are arranged in one column:

2. The contents are arranged in two columns:

3. The contents are arranged in three columns:

4. You can register a new account or use your Facebook account to log into this website and posted comments about the articles:

5. Share article on Twitter, Google+ and has a system rating article.

View demo of this template:


• Designed with 2 horizontal menu bar

• Use responsive layout

 • The articles are designed for the card like pins on, an interesting invention.

 • Provides feature present articles rich and beautiful.

Optimize the speed of Music template (78/100 point) better than Magazine template (73/100 point).


1. Besides the similarities with Joomla template Magazine, Music template also identified priority during page load. The interface load the content first. The other modules will be loaded after the content has been displayed over. This helps bring content to readers quickly and dramatically improve the users experience when they travel to your site.

You can refer to the details about the other features of  Music template:


This template:

  • Suitable for both business blogs and personal
  • Use CSS3 - the latest standard for CSS
  • Responsive interface displays fine on the device
  • Share articles on social networks easily on Twitter, Google+

The optimize grade of the Joomla Meet Gavern template is rated 72/100 points, lower than WordPress  Meet Gavern theme (97/100 points).

Meet Gavern provides system buttons are attractively designed, compact and highlights insert into posts:

And there are a system hundreds of icons:

You can see more details about  the other features of the Joomla Meet Gavern template:



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