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Registration instructions on Gavick account

Gavick is one of the big companies that provide Joomla templates and WordPress themes in the globe. You can obtain the free interface is designed on Gavick and most premium templates. Nevertheless, whether you desire to download the templates for free or paid, first you need to do is register an account on Gavick page. And this article will lead you how to register an account on Gavick, download free interface or prefer a membership packet in accordance with the design requirements of your site. 



You sign up for a general Gavick’s account to download free interfaces, which is offered free by Gavick.

You proceed to the address: Click on Login button

Select Register to create a new account.

You fill in the following information: Name, Username, Password, Email, and type CAPCHA code to verify your request. Then click Register to finish the registration process.


1. You proceed to Gavick website and you pick a premium interface. Click Sign Up Now to start the registration process.

You will find out there are 4 types of accounts on Gavick:

  • Personal: Personal accounts for 39 €. You can download all of the templates in 3 months and they can use them even if your account has expired. You may also be supported for 3 months on Gavick forum, can remove the copyright (Copy removal) and provided the QuickStart package  which helps you quickly establish  your website like the Demo on Gavick.

    • Business: Instead of just load all the interfaces in 3 months as Personal account, you can download all the templates within 9 months and are discounted up to 20% in the next purchase if you continue to register a business account after it has expired.

    • Lifetime: You may be support on Gavick forum and download any interface at anytime.

    • Developer: You can download all templates in 9 months and get 9 months of VIP support from Gavick. As well, you also receive a 30% reduction in registration next time and take the graphic source file.psd.

    If you just create Web sites for yourself, you can select the Personal package. If you design website for your nodes, you should select the Developer package to get the best support from Gavick and take the graphic source file.psd.

2. After you have selected the appropriate membership package, click on Sign Up Now corresponding to the package you’ve chosen:

3. You fill in the following information: your name, username to login, password, your email address and type CAPCHA code to verify your request. Then you check the information in the membership package payment. Note: You need to affirm the membership software you've selected. They’re Joomla Templates or WordPress Themes. Because if you select the Joomla Templates, you will download only the Joomla templates. You can’t  download the WordPress templates. And vice versa.

4. After the test is complete, click Register to finish the registration process.

5 If you have a coupon code or gift code, you enter in the Coupon or Gift Cerfiticate. Then, you click Process My Order to carry on in the registration process. You can choose payment method using PayPal or credit card. Note: If you do not have a PayPal account or a credit card, you can send cash (including transfer fee) to Gavick’s bank account. In the transfer content, you need to give your email address and your username on Gavick. After getting your information and your bill, Gavick will activate  your account.

6  In case you pay by PayPal or credit card: 


6.1. In case you pay by PayPal

You click the Pay with my PayPal account button to pay for Gavick.

6.2. In case you pay by credit card

You fill out detail information of your credit card > Press Review and Continue to complete the payment process.

7 After the transaction is done, Gavick will activate your account. You can log in with username and password Gavick registered above to download the Joomla templates or WordPress themes you want.


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