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Besides supplying InStyle and StoreFront template, Gavick also introduces some other Joomla template for Shop Online Fashion – Boutique Template. This is a gorgeous Joomla template for Online Clothes Shops with store was built on the Red Shop and Vituemart foundation. These foundations help you create new stores and introduce products quickly. They use best design to help attract the customers to your Website. Today, we’re going to explore impressive features used on this interface. 

Storefront - Online Fashion Shop for Joomla

The storefront is a beautiful template and powerful no less than the InStyle template - fashion shop online template for Joomla. Use impressive slide, beautiful pattern, clear layout and the products are beautifully presented, ... are the highlights of this template. In this article, we are proceeding to view details about the highlights of the StoreFront which is projected for an Online Fashion Shop.
Joomla template Instyle is designed to be simple, subtle, clearly presented along with the impressive animation effect when the mouse cursor on the image. We will view detail about interesting features of Instyle  Joomla Template.

3 free Joomla templates for web site design

Besides the free WordPress themes, Gavick also gives users the free Joomla templates and many featured functions. You can download these templates free, including: Magazine, Meet Gavern and Free Music. Among them, Magazine and Music Free template were designed with many interesting characteristics. Today, we're starting to find out details on the templates.
Gavick.com is a website which provides beautiful Premium WordPress themes and Premium Joomla templates. You need to register a premium membership account to employ all of WordPress themes and Joomla Templates. However, Gavick also offer free website interfaces with good quality. You can choose one of the free WordPress themes are shown at a lower place.