How to Make a Wheel Spin in Blender 2.7 using Add Single Driver - Làm thế nào để bánh xe quay nhanh hơn, lâu hơn


1. QUESTION 1: If you want the wheel run faster


You can speed up the wheel by right click on the path (item 1) » Select the curve icon (item 2) » In the Frames field, you replace the value 100 with a smaller value (20) as shown in item 3. Start playing again; you will see the wheel run faster.

2. QUESTION 2: How to make a wheel rotate longer


You right click on the path, enter the key, then enter a value 500 (enter number 5, then enter number 0 twice) to enlarge the path.

Then, left click on the icon  (item  1) » In the Frames item, you set the value 500 (item 2). Set a smaller value to speed up the wheel and vice versa

Do the Step 12 again; you will see the wheel rotate from Frame 0 to Frame 500.

3. QUESTION 3: If you want the wheel turn from Frame 200 instead of Frame 0.


First, you left click on the Empty object(item 1) » Left click on the icon   (item 2) » In the Offset item, set the value 200 (item 3) instead of 0.0000. 



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