How to Make a Wheel Spin in Blender 2.7 using Add Single Driver - Tiếp: Tạo chuyển động quay tròn của bánh xe trong Blender 2.7


Step 8: If you move the Empty Arrow on the X-axis, the wheel will spin

Step 9: Select Add »Curve (item 1) » Left click on the Path item (item 2) to add a new path (mục 3)

Bước 10: Right click on the Empty object  (item 1) » Click on the icon  (item 2) » Select Add Object Constraint (item 3) » In the Relationship, choose Follow Path (item 4). You will see the Follow Path window (item 5).

Step 11: Left click on the cube icon (item 1) » Select NurbsPath - item 2 (NurbsPath is the path you added in Step 9). You will see the text NurbsPath display in the Textbox (item 3). Left click on the Animate Path button  (item 4).

Step 12: Click on the Play button (item 2) to start playing.

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