6 steps to move objects on a path in Blender 2.7

In this article, I will show you 6 steps to move objects on a path in Blender 2.7. Let's get started.


Step 1: First, you need to add a new sphere by selecting Add (item 1) » Mesh (item 2)  » Select UV Sphere (item 3)

Step 2: Next, you need to add a new curve (circle) as a path to move the sphere on by selecting Add (item 1) » Curve (item 2) » Circle (item 3). 

You will see a new circle in item 4.

Bước 3: Then, you press the  A  key to deselect the circle. 

Step 4: You select both the sphere and the circle. But, you need to select the sphere first (item 1). Then, you select the circle (item 2)

Step 5: Press  Ctrl  +  P   » Select Follow Path

You will see the straight line (dashed line) which links the sphere with the circle:


Step 6: Click on the    icon to see the result


1. ASK:

After pressed the combination keys  Ctrl  +  P  , you don't see the Follow Path function in the Set Parent To list:

You only see another list into the Set Parent To:


Because your order is wrong. You need to select the sphere instead of the circle first. Please come back to the Step 4.



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